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How's this for perfection?


Check out this little cowgirl!

This was taken in Wyoming during our vacation in August of 1999. That used to be my hat. You can still see my name in the side of it. Yep, I actually wore it when I was in my younger and dumber years. I recon it looks a might better now on her than it did on me.

Cowgirl Dani

My daily commute...

This is my morning commute to work. I have a 30 mile drive one way. Traffic can really get bad up here, and you have to have a reliable vehicle. My commuter vehicle is the best. It's small, which makes it highly manuverable in traffic. It's old, so if it gets dinged up a bit it's no big deal. It gets excellent gas mileage. Unfortunately, it doesn't go very fast.

Getting a fresh start out of the garage.

The daily commute

And this is the return trip. Just getting in out of the rush hour traffic. I'm so frazzled!

Back home from work

Papa's lap! The most favoritest place in the world.

Papa's lap

March - 2000

Brian's goofy face Dani's happy face

February - 2000

My favorite pets.. I'm outta here... My wonderful family

Soccer - 1999

Christmas - 1998